PayLay - Open Payments Framework

PayLay makes it easy for businesses to connect to any payment provider.

        PayLay ~ $ 

Yes... installing a Payments Server is that simple!

Start accelerating your sales and realize your commerce vision using PayLay.
PayLay aims to become an open source organisation and build a unique payments platform together with a dedicated community. As a community driven platform you are able to use PayLay completely for free!

Single Payments API

One time integration with our REST API and maintain a single implementation.

Intelligent Payment Flows

Visually create Intelligent Payment Flows based on highly configurable actions.

In-Depth Analysis

Real-time Payment Analytics with trending Payment Methods and Revenue Forecast.


Downloadable Apps from the PayLay Store such as accounting and ERP apps.

Payments Redundancy

Payment Provider Fallback with multiple Payment Gateway support.

Centralised Management

Single dashboard for aggregated data and highly configurable.

You should focus on your core business instead of worrying about eCommerce integrations.
PAYLAY helps you focus on what you do best.

Manage and optimize eCommerce API integrations through a single platform

Out-Of-The-Box Payments Integration Server
Database-agnostic Payments Framework
No Coding Involved For Integrating Services


Payment Providers

ING Kassa Compleet
Alternative Payments

Payment Methods







eCommerce Platforms