Manage and optimize
multiple payment providers
through a single platform!

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PAYLAY makes it easy for businesses to connect to leading payment providers and manage payments through a single platform.

Centralised Management

Single dashboard for aggregated data and highly configurable.

Intelligent Payment Routing

Visually create rule-based Payment Routing.

Payments Redundancy

Payment Provider Fallback with multiple Payment Gateway support.

Single Payments API

Maintain a single implementation through our REST API.

How PAYLAY changes the game

For business and digital leaders

Accelerate payment integration with software that scales and gets regular updates.

For developers

Integrate payments using an abstract payment layer framework.

For product owners

Configure business rules to change payment process behavior. Developers should focus on the fun stuff.

For marketers

Create your own branded checkout pages to increase conversion rates and personlize customer journeys.

You should focus on your core business instead of worrying about payments. PayLay helps you focus on what you do best.


Totally free

PAYLAY offers a Community Edition free of charge, and we'd love to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve our software.

  • Single Payments API
  • Configurable Payment Routing
  • Run on-premise or in the cloud

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€ 1500,- per month

We also offer PAYLAY Enterprise which comes with advanced features to help you accelerate your sales and realize your commerce vision.

  • Single Payments API
  • Configurable Payment Routing
  • Consultancy
  • Commercial support
  • Run on-premise or in the cloud
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PAYLAY is a Payments Framework solution for easily developing and integrating eCommerce processes into your organisation’s platform. PAYLAY is technology-agnostic so that you can continue using your favorite development tools and deploy to any environment you prefer or already have.

docker-compose -f installation.yml up

Installing PAYLAY...  

Yes, installing PAYLAY is that simple. We have ready-to-use Docker Compose files and instructions to set up our software in your container environment within minutes.

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We have worked extensively with many strong retail brands with strong focus on eCommerce. With our knowledge of the market, customer needs and products we have developed an out-of-the-box Payments Integration Server.

Huy Hoang

Co-Founder & Head of Technology

Omed Kaamel

Co-Founder & Head of Growth

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